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Welcome to a collection of the worlds most unique ceramic, stone and porcelain tile designs for the home and the office. When you choose a Tile, you’re choosing high quality, beautifully designed floor and wall tiles. Whether you’re creating a new backsplash, feature wall, or floor, a vast array of products await your call. Thus enabling you to mix and match various materials like stainless steel, stone, glass and more, just so you can add that personal touch to your design project.

For Your Consideration:

Deciding between heavy or smooth texture should be based on two considerations: use and traffic level.  For example, if you are renovating or building a shower, marble is a good choice because its molecular structure is stable enough to withstand high moisture and humidity.  Slate on the other hand oxidizes in very wet conditions no matter what the use, which is problematic for showers. Stone is a porous material. To maintain the sealant and the life of your stone, some relatively easy maintenance is necessary. Simple steps make all the difference, like drying off a marble shower stall after use. Pay close attention to any maintenance guides you receive and file them for future use. They can save you much time and money down the road.

What to Look for When Selecting a Tile

Better quality tiles have high bisque density and a strong wear layer. When shopping for tile, ask about the products’ “PEI” wear ratings for comparison. The “PEI rating” system indicates the tested level of traffic a tile can withstand. This is very helpful when deciding which tile to buy. The higher the PEI rating the more durable the tile will be. For instance, a PEI group five rating indicates a tile is suitable for heavy commercial use.  Did you know that many tiles can be used for outdoor purposes such as pool decks, patios and walkways? But make sure to look for product that is rated as frost proof.  Conversely, a PEI group one rating means the tile is best left for washrooms where bare or stocking feet are most common. Check the label on any ceramic sample or speak to a qualified floor covering salesperson to find and fully understand the PEI system.

Comes in all shapes and sizes!

Another great thing about today’s tile is the ever-expanding variety of shapes and sizes.  Brands like Casa Roma offer various sized tiles of the same design and colour. A creative installer can mix several sizes together on the same floor to create a unique intricate pattern. These versatile pieces are known as “modular” tile. Generally, all tile is installed in the same way: an adhesive is spread across the floor (or wall), tiles are applied, and once the tile is dry, grout is worked-in. It is highly essential to have a firm, flat and even surface to avoid tile movement and cracking. A good install job starts with a good surface.  Grout is a cement-like substance used to seal the spaces between tiles. It is available in a wide variety of colours to compliment your tile. Some brands offer more than eighty colour choices!

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