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Laminate Floors come in different thicknesses. Is thicker better?

No, the thickness of a laminate floor is not an indicator of quality.  A thicker HDF layer is often used in products that have a deep or aggressive surface treatment such as ‘hand-scraping’, where the core needs to be thick enough to accommodate the manufacturing of the surface effects.  As far as performance, a thin, good quality HDF core will perform just as well as a thick one.

Does Laminate Floors get slippery when wet?

Luxury Laminate vinyl floors have a textured surface which helps reduce slipperiness when wet. There is also a slip resistance factor in the polyurethane finish.  Grease or other contaminants may also contribute to making the surface slippery. For the slip resistance of a particular style, please consult your sales person for the latest in your own specific floor features

Are these products less susceptible to pet damage than hardwood floors?

Most of the damage pets cause to hardwood flooring is fine scratches in the finish, which can give the surface of the floor a dulled or etched appearance. Laminate floors have a finish layer similar to that of hardwood floors and they are susceptible to the same type of damage. And while these finishes are ‘scratch-resistant’, they’re not scratch-proof. Larger pets’ nails can cause deeper gouges or indents in wood flooring; that is less of an issue with laminate, luxury vinyl and vinyl composte core floors as they have greater impact resistance than wood.

Can I install luxury vinyl directly over plywood or OSB?

Yes, provided it meets the specifications required for subfloor preparation. Bear in mind that plywood and OSB substrates tend to get ‘roughed up’ during construction, and any imperfections in the surface will eventually telegraph through to the surface of the floor.  Consider using a surface preparation product to provide a smooth surface on which to install the luxury vinyl.

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